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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Spring Pool Maintenance

We offer a wide range of pool opening options, from simple equipment start up, to complete pool opening, clearing, and cleaning. We also offer a complementary walk through/lesson for any of our pool opening customers. The spring pool season can get very busy and so we recommend you schedule early to ensure you pool is ready on time. Rates begin at under $200

Summer Pool Maintenance

Our cleaning crews use the most up to date tools and techniques to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe all summer long. We keep the equipment running properly to protect your investment, and maintain proper chemical levels to ensure a safe and healthful swimming experience. We offer weekly, bi weekly and monthly maintenance plans. We also offer vacation coverage and one time cleanups if your pool has gotten away from you. Rates begin at under $60

Fall Pool Maintenance

We offer a full range of swimming pool shutdown options, from simply blowing the pipes, to winterizing a swimming pool completely. We offer emergency rush service at no extra charge if requested. We can supply chemicals and equipment, as well as selling and installing in ground pool safety covers. Rates begin at under $200

Winter Pool Maintenance

We offer a winter watch program. New England winters can be very long and cold and we are available to ensure that your pool receives the attention it needs to avoid any off season damage. Rates starting at $75

Our Pledge- Our seasonal maintenance customers are our top priority. We will add extra crews if needed to maintain our schedule and we have technicians available to handle the inevitable unexpected problems that pop up. You will never be told to wait weeks for a repair that will prevent you from enjoying your pool. We appreciate the loyalty our customers have shown us, and will deliver the service they deserve in return.

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