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Salt Systems

Salt systems or automatic chlorine generators are one of the most exciting new features found on swimming pools today. While the technology has been around for years, the wonderful benefits have only recently enjoyed widespread acceptance. These systems eliminate the need to purchase and handle chlorine and other chemicals. Your pool actually produces its own chlorine, and allows you to maintain the optimum levels with the absolute minimum effort. Your pool stays crystal clear and sanitary, practically abolishing algae problems. However the greatest benefit is discovered in the water, it feels softer, silkier, and eye irritation is virtually eliminated. We offer a complete line of salt water systems. Give us a call to learn more about these amazing devices.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners

We feature POLARIS automatic pool cleaners. These pressure driven cleaners provide unmatched performance, reliability, and convenience. Your pool can be cleaned on a daily basis with absolutely no involvement on your part. Vacuuming, brushing, and sweeping can be almost totally eliminated. You will spend more of your pool time swimming rather than cleaning. We offer a wide range of POLARIS pressure side cleaners. Let us show you how easy pool cleaning can be.

Water Features

Water features are increasingly being found around more and more pools. Moving water provides interest and enjoyment that a flat water pool does not. We can provide water falls, sheer decent features, laminar jets, splash pads, slides and other deck features. Let us show you the many options available that will add interest and fun to your pool.

Swimming Pool Control Systems

We can provide automatic control systems which can manage your entire pool system. Pool lights, pumps, water features and heaters can all be programmed to run as you wish. No more forgetting to turn equipment on or off. Pool water can be tested, and chemicals added, all automatically. With a wireless remote control, you can check air and water temperatures, turn on your heater and outdoor lighting, all from the comfort of your living room. Give us a call to discover how surprisingly affordable our control systems can be.

Pool Safety

Don't take chances with small children.

We are an authorized distributor for Loop-Loc Safety swimming pool covers

We are an authorized distributor for Protect-A-Child Pool Fence