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Renovation and Repair - Farrell Pool Service

Major Pool Renovation

We are specialist in major renovation of in ground vinyl lined pools. We can take an old, tired, and worn out pool and make it new. We install new coping, pipes, skimmers and liners. We can add lights, steps, benches, and water features. We work with you to coordinate deck removal and replacement, electrical, and landscaping. When complete, the pool looks like new, and performs like a brand new pool.

Liner Replacement

We have been installing replacement pool liners for over 30 years, installing well over one thousand liners in that time. We have seen many last over 20 years, the definitive test of a quality installation. We offer a wide selection of liner patterns, and a choice of liner thickness. We can build steps inside the pool that can be covered with the liner to provide easy access to your pool. Our liner crew works quickly, and neatly, with most installations completed in just a few days.

Equipment Repair

Filters, pumps, heaters, lights, and more. If it is out there, we have fixed it. We will also let you know when it's time has passed and should be replaced. We stock a complete line of replacement parts and equipment and so your pool will never be down for long. We also repair pool tile, and coping, pool walls, and piping, just about everything found on a swimming pool. We offer minor deck repairs as well. All repairs are done carefully and quickly to ensure your utmost swimming enjoyment.

Leak Detection and Repairs

We are leak detection experts. We use state of the art electronic leak detection equipment, listening devices, and pressure testing tools. We can find leaks in pool pipes, vinyl liners, and pool structures. Our many years of experience often allow us to find leaks other companies give up on. In fact, we often provide leak detection services for other local pool companies. Once discovered, we can repair all types of pool leaks. Expert liner repair, underground pipe repair, or structure repair can be made promptly and efficiently. Minor pool leak can cause major problems if left unresolved, let us solve them for you.

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