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Salt Water Systems

Salt water chlorine generators are among the hottest products on the pool market today. These devices eliminate the need to purchase chlorine tablets, powders or liquids. Your swimming pool will actually make the chlorine it requires to kill algae and bacteria. The pool water also feels softer and is much nicer on your eyes and skin. However there are still several things you must be aware of.

The pool water must still be balanced at the beginning of the season. The salt level must be adjusted, the PH and hardness balanced, and the stabilizer brought to the proper level. This can take a few visits as the pool water must circulate for at least 24 hours before the water can be balanced.

The salt level in the pool must be monitored throughout the season. Heavy rain or frequent top offs can dilute the salt levels in the pool. The controller should be checked regularly and salt added if the levels drop.

The chlorine level in the water must still be treated. The pool water requires more chlorine as the water temperature and bather loads rise. The water should be tested and the generator turned up or down as needed to maintain a proper chlorine level (approximately 2-3ppm).

The pool still to be occasionally shocked. This can be done by turning the generator on to the super chlorinate setting and allowing the pool filter to run for 24 hours. This is usually done after a period of heavy use and will eliminate any swimmer waste that might build up in the water.

The PH of the water must be monitored. Chlorine generators will cause the PH of the water to rise over time. This effect is often balanced by the acid rain in our rain water. The amount of rain will determine if the PH will require adjusting, however only accurate water testing will tell. Newer gunite pools will usually require addition of acid as the season progresses. The pool surface can be damaged if the PH is not maintained.

Sacrificial zinc anodes are required with salt water systems. These should be supplied when the system is installed and should be monitored and replaced as needed.

A properly functioning quality chlorine generator will greatly reduce the time required to maintain your swimming pool. It will provide sparkling, safe, comfortable water with an absolute minimum amount of effort by the homeowner.

Please call the office if you have any questions about your salt water system; we are available to test your pool water or equipment or answer any questions you may have. Please have the make and model of the generator when you call.

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